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Payload 03 Information

Payload Flight Number:

2019 - 03

Fort Lewis College
Payload Title:

Sky Polarization and Payload Management Updates

Student Leader:
  • Nate Todd
  • Physics & Engineering
  • Fort Lewis College
  • 21340 County Road W
  • Lewis,CO 81327
Faculty Advisor:
  • Charles Hakes
  • Physics & Engineering
  • Fort Lewis College
  • 1000 Rim Dr.
  • Durango, CO 81301
Payload class:
Payload ID Number:
Serial Commands:
Discrete Commands:
Payload Specification & Integration Plan
Payload Integration Certification
Flight Operation Plan
Final Flight / Science Report
The Fort Lewis College HASP team will update and re-fly their payload from 2018. The primary science payload will measure the polarization of atmospherically scattered visible light. On clear days, the sky is noticeably polarized with a maximum polarization occurring at an angle of 90° from the sun. The illuminated horizon should provide known orientation information with respect to the sun that can be compared to ground-based measurements. It is thought that increased upper level pollution in the atmosphere will lead to increased scattering along the line of sight between the payload and the horizon, thus reducing the measured polarization. Other payload subsystems from the previous flight will be updated to be more reliable and have increased functionality. These include the Power Monitoring System (PMS), which will be expanded to monitor more payload currents, and the Thermal Management System (TMS). A new communication interface will be built to receive data from all subsystems and coordinate a greatly expanded payload telemetry. The 2018 payload telemetry was handled through the PMS, which limited the command options to powering on and off the different subsystems. A high definition video camera will record video during the flight.
Payload Integration Plan:

Monthly Briefings: