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Payload 09 Information

Payload Flight Number:

2012 - 09

Arizona State University
Payload Title:

High Altitude Turbine Survey (HATS)

Student Leader:
  • Patrick McGarey
  • School of Earth and Space Exploration
  • 1012 E. Campus Dr.
  • Tempe,Az 85282
  • Email:pmcgarey@asu.edu
  • Cell:602-300-5441
Faculty Advisor:
  • Srikanth Saripalli
  • School of Earth and Space Exploration
  • H.A.T.S. c/o Srikanth Saripalli
  • PSF 650B, 550 E Tyler Mall,
  • Tempe, Az 85281
  • Email:Srikanth.Saripalli@asu.edu
  • Office:(480) 727-0023
  • Fax:(480) 965-8102
Payload class:
Payload ID Number:
7.5 kg
1.5 A
Serial Commands:
Discrete Commands:
Yes, 2
Payload Specification & Integration Plan
Due: 06/22/2012
Payload Integration Certification
Scheduled: 08/03/2012
Flight Operation Plan
Due: 07/30/2012
Final Flight / Science Report
Due: 12/14/2012
The High Altitude Turbine Survey (HATS) is an attitudinal wind velocity experiment aimed at understanding thrust and other performance characteristics of four varied micro-propellers along a vertical profile (35km). Onboard sensors including optical encoders, strain gauges, thermocouples, pressure gauges, an anemometer (wind V), and digital wind vane, will provide environmental data throughout accent and decent in order to create a velocity and thrust generation profile corresponding to altitude, pressure, and wind speed. The survey data will have a wide range of application towards further study including wind power generation from airborne turbines, propeller-driven airships, and micro-propeller performance characteristics at extended altitudes. The HATS team has progressed through PDR and CDR project phases and will continue with the build and test phase in early 2012.