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Payload 05 Information

Payload Flight Number:

2010 - 05

University of Maryland, College Park
Payload Title:

University of Maryland StratoPigeon (UMDSP)

Student Leader:
  • Connie Ciarleglio
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Space Systems Lab
  • 382 Technology Drive
  • College Park,MD 20742-2911
  • Email:cciarleg@umd.edu
  • Cell:202-441-0103
Faculty Advisor:
  • Dr. Mary Bowden
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • University of Maryland
  • Room 3181 Martin Hall
  • College Park
  • MD, 20742
  • Email:bowden@umd.edu
  • Cell:301-275-7723
Payload class:
Payload ID Number:
2.5 kg
Serial Commands:
Discrete Commands:
Payload Specification & Integration Plan
Due: 06/01/2010
Delivered: 06/03/2010
Payload Integration Certification
Scheduled: 08/06/2010
Flight Operation Plan
Due: 08/01/2010
Final Flight / Science Report
Due: 12/17/2010
Science payloads on LDB and ULDB flights generate large amounts of data, only some of which can be down linked during the flight. Communication during the flight is limited to the fastest speeds of 333 kbps line of sight link or 100 kbps TDRSS link. On landing, the science payload is often far away and can be difficult to retrieve due to size and location, especially with bad weather or restricted plane schedules. The purpose of this experiment is to provide a complimentary method of data storage and delivery in a manner that reduces the effort and time spent on payload recovery for ULDB flights. The experiment will be a prototype data capsule that can store large amounts of data and be released from the main gondola during the flight with a manual command. The capsule will descend on a parachute to a predicted landing site chosen for location and accessibility. During descent and on landing, the payload will transmit exact coordinates through satellite link and line of sight radio. Once retrieved, the payload will provide large amounts of onboard science payload data on 2 solid state hard drives.
Payload Application:

Payload Integration Plan: