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Payload 05 Information

Payload Flight Number:

2012 - 05

University of Maryland, College Park
Payload Title:

Stratopigeon III

Student Leader:
  • Connie Ciarleglio
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Space Systems Lab
  • 382 Technology Drive
  • College Park,Md 20742-2911
  • Email:cciarleg@umd.edu
Faculty Advisor:
  • Dr. Mary Bowden
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • University of Maryland
  • Room 3181 Martin Hall
  • College Park, Md 20742
  • Email:Bowden@umd.edu
  • Cell:301-275-7723
  • Fax:301-314-9001
Payload class:
Payload ID Number:
2.7 kg
< 0.5 A
Serial Commands:
Yes, Not Specified
Discrete Commands:
Yes, 2
Payload Specification & Integration Plan
Due: 06/22/2012
Payload Integration Certification
Scheduled: 08/03/2012
Flight Operation Plan
Due: 07/30/2012
Final Flight / Science Report
Due: 12/14/2012
Antarctica research flights are becoming increasingly long with durations of up to 100 days. During that time, scientific payloads generate terabytes of data. Only a fraction of this data can be downlinked over TDRSS link or line of sight radios. In addition, research payloads are heavy and time consuming to retrieve, often requiring multiple plane trips and experienced personnel for recovery. Access to these payloads can also be difficult in bad weather or if the payload lands in bad terrain. The purpose of the StratoPigeon payload is to provide science payloads with access to a full set of data during flight in addition to the data-downlink and to provide an easier method of data storage, delivery, and recovery.

In the HASP 2010 flight, a prototype of StratoPigeon capsule was successfully tested and recovered as a proof of concept system. StratoPigeon III is the final design iteration of the capsule. The capsule will expand the capabilities and features of the original system with more automation during flight operations. The payload will represent a low cost, efficient system designed for Antarctic environments. The capsule design will take into account input from research payload designers in order to the payload configuration into a highly useful system. This input is a key final component of the final payload design.

StratoPigeon III will expand on previous experience and incorporate new technologies into the payload design. This payload is also specifically for an Antarctic environment. The capsule will utilize commercially rated components to reduce cost and allow modification of storage capacity for individual science experiments. The capsule will allow testing of large data transfers up to 240 GB total.

Payload Application:

Science Report: