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Payload 04 Information

Payload Flight Number:

2014 - 04

Arizona State University
Payload Title:

High Altitude VEgetation Camera

Student Leader:
  • Michael Mein
  • School of Earth and Space Exploration
  • Arizona State University
  • Tempe,Az 85281
  • Email:mmein@asu.edu
Faculty Advisor:
  • Srikanth Saripalli
  • School of Earth and Space Exploration
  • Arizona State University
  • ISTB4-663
  • 781 E. Terrace Rd.
  • Tempe, Az 85287
  • Email:srikanth.saripalli@asu.edu
  • Office:(480) 727-0023
  • Fax:(480) 965-8102
Payload class:
Payload ID Number:
2.01 kg
480 mA
Serial Commands:
Discrete Commands:
Payload Specification & Integration Plan
Due: 06/27/2014
Payload Integration Certification
Scheduled: 08/08/2014
Flight Operation Plan
Due: 07/31/2014
Final Flight / Science Report
Due: 12/12/2014
The HAVEC Payload proposes to detect and analyze vegetation health along the H.A.S.P flight path by using visible and near infrared imaging systems. The collected data will be analyzed for geographical and meteorological related factors contributing to plants health state. Further studies of the detected environmental factors will be done with future payloads. The images will be examined locally to determine a range for vegetation health within smaller regions. The photographs will be consolidated into a mosaic showcasing the H.A.S.P flight path and vegetation health state along the American Southwest. The mosaic and data analysis will be compared to similar missions and it will serve as a proof of concept for future studies of vegetation health using near infrared imaging instruments.
Payload Integration Plan:

Science Report: