Louisiana RockOn! Teams Program

Organized by the Colorado and Virginia Space Grant Consortia in partnership with NASA Wallops
Flight Facility RockOn is a hands-on, one-week workshop, which leads teams through the process of
building, testing, and flying a sounding rocket payload to an altitude in excess of 70 miles. The 2019
RockOn workshop is tentatively scheduled for June 15 – 20, 2019 and LaSPACE is prepared to support
two teams of three to attend RockOn this year. The workshop registration, lodging, and other travel
expenses for the selected teams will be directly supported by LaSPACE; no subaward will be issued.


Proposal Submissions

• Submit all properly executed proposals via email as fully searchable pdf documents to laspace@lsu.edu.

• Important Dates:

  • Proposal Release Date: 
  • Proposal Due Date: 
  • Anticipated Award Announcements:
  • Award Period of Performance: 

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