LaACES (Louisiana Aerospace Catalyst Experiences for Students)

The Louisiana Aerospace Catalyst Experiences for Students (LaACES) Program runs for a full academic year. During the first semester a series of lectures and hands-on activities help build student skills in basic electronics, sensor interfacing, real-time programming, mechanical development, and project management. The second semester is then devoted to applying these skills to the design, development, fabrication, and flight of a small (~500 gram) balloon payload. Payloads from all student teams are then flown at the end of the academic year under the management of LaSPACE. Independent balloon flights by institutions are not supported under LaACES. Proposed efforts that do not conform to this general model will review poorly. New teams are expected to follow the base protocol payload design laid out in the course materials; advanced payload experiments are the exclusive purview of returning students/advisors.

LaACES Program Website Link:

Proposal Submissions

  • Submit all properly executed proposals via email as fully searchable pdf documents to by 11:59 pm on Monday, April 22, 2024.
  • Important Dates:
    • Proposal Release Date: Thursday, January 25, 2024
    • Proposal Due Date: Monday, April 22, 2024
    • Anticipated Award Announcements: May/June 2024
    • Award Period of Performance: 08/15/2024 – 05/31/2025

Download Link (Word Document): LaSPACE_LaACES_Proposal_Guidelines_2024-2025
Download Link (PDF Document): LaSPACE_LaACES_Proposal_Guidelines_2024-2025