Frequent Questions from Proposers

Refer to the program summary page which lists all important dates related to the upcoming cycle. We make every effort to complete reviews and issue notifications about 30 days after proposal submissions close. We often issue notices sooner than that and rarely, if ever, take longer than 60 days. 

For LaSPACE, this restriction only applies to our NASA Internship Fellowship (NIF) category programs (HIS, GSRA, LaSSO, LURA, Internships), which directly fund undergraduate and graduate students at significant levels. The NIF category of programs and the U.S. citizenship requirement component are both defined by and mandated by NASA and cannot be waived by LaSPACE.

There are several general criteria that must be met to submit an NCE request. Reach out to LaSPACE Management for verification (there may be restrictions) in your specific situation. General rules:

  • Must be submitted no later than 60 days before the contractual project end-date.
  • Must include a status report (see Document Center) which addresses all accomplishments made to-date on the project (including publications, proposals, presentations, patents, etc.), where the project is in relation to the original end date, reasons for delay, and proposed plan for project completion. The status report must identify all participants on the project (students, post-docs, faculty, and staff).
  • Should be submitted by an authorized official.

This not a common occurrence and depends on each situation. You must reach out to LaSPACE to confirm if it is allowable in your specific situation. In general:

  • If you want to shift funds from one budget category to an already approved budget category containing funds, this may be allowed if the amount to be rebudgeted is below 20% of the total award.
  • If you want to shift funds from one budget category to a category that was not in the approved budget, you must submit a rebudget request.
  • Even for small adjustments, it is usually best to contact LaSPACE for confirmation of allowability.

All templates are located in the LaSPACE Document Center. If you have issues downloading the files, please reach out to us at


Frequent Questions from Students

LaSPACE Management staff members are not tax experts, and so we encourage interns to consult with a qualified accountant/tax consultant. LSU does not prepare tax documents for programs of this type, so we do not have a W-2 nor a 1099. This type of stipend does not fall into a traditional non-taxable scholarship/fellowship award. These internships are not for course credit, do not cover tuition or tax expenses, and DO require you to perform a service (maintain the internship) in order to be paid your stipends. Please refer to LSU’s Tax Guide for Fellowship Award Recipients; the taxable fellowship language is most closely related to the terms of the internships we fund.

Some eligibility requirements vary by program (see citizenship question & answer above), but all students must be enrolled full-time and be in good standing at one of our affiliate institutions in Louisiana.

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