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LaSPACE Deadlines:

  • Fellowships: CLOSED
  • GSRA: 05/30/16
  • Internship: CLOSED
  • LaACES: 07/15/16
  • LURA: 05/30/16
  • MRS: 05/30/16
  • Outreach: OPEN
  • REA: 6/20/16
  • Senior Design: CLOSED

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LaSPACE Programs:

Contact Information

  • Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • 364 Nicholson Hall
  • Louisiana State University
  • Baton Rouge, La 70803-4001

  • Tel: 225-578-8697
  • Fax: 225-578-1222

  • Colleen H. Fava,
    LaSPACE Manager

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Picture of Dir. John WefelThe Louisiana Space Consortium is a member of a nationwide organization that partners NASA with colleges / universities and other space related institutions to promote scientific research, workforce development, and public outreach to develop and strengthen long-term research capabilities that will make significant contributions to the research and technology Mission Directorates of NASA. In turn, this contributes to the overall research infrastructure, science and technology capabilities, graduate and undergraduate education and economic development of the state. This program is funded by NASA and the Louisiana Board of Regents. On this web site, we describe the programs conducted by LaSPACE and also offer useful information for researchers, students, educators and the general public. We welcome comments for improvements to the content of the site.

~T. Gregory Guzik
Professor and Director
Louisiana Space Grant Consortium (LaSPACE) & La NASA EPSCoR


    April 2016: Spring 2016 Space Porter Released:Find out what the faculty, students, and staff affiliated with LaSPACE have recently been up to by reading the Spring 2016 edition of the LaSPACE Newsletter. All previous editions of the Space Porter are still available under the "LaSPACE Documentation" link in the menu above.

      April 2016: Interested in our educational outreach? Check out the MARS Truck’s new website here to find out what we have to offer!

        June 2015:LaSPACE, the office which manages NASA Space Grant and NASA Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, or EPSCoR programs, has been awarded three significant multi-year awards from NASA to support space-related research development and higher education programs in Louisiana. The principal investigator for Space Grant and NASA EPSCoR projects is T. Gregory Guzik, LaSPACE director and LSU professor of physics and astronomy. Financial and management support is provided by the Sponsored Programs Office of the Louisiana Board of Regents. Over the next three years, Louisiana will receive $2.5 million from NASA, plus a crucial investment of about $1.9 million from the Board of Regents Support Fund. Read the full story here.