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HASP 2015 Flight Info

  • LAUNCH TIME:09/07/15 13:47:15 UTC
  • LAUNCH LOCATION: 34.473162N 104.242232W
  • FLOAT START:16:34:48 UTC
  • TERMINATION:15:35:30 UTC
  • FLOAT TIME:23:1 Hours
  • IMPACT:16:18:57 UTC
  • IMPACT LOCATION:34.8329N 105.9242W

HASP Realtime Flight Status

HASP Processed Flight Data

HASP Archived Flight Data Sets

Payload Data Sets

Payload Configuration:

Payload 01Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Payload 02Arizona State University
Payload 03University of Minnesota
Payload 04University of Calgary
Payload 05Illinois Institute of Technology
Payload 06University of Colorado, Boulder
Payload 07University of North Dakota/University of North Florida
Payload 08Arizona State University
Payload 09Gannon University
Payload 10University of Colorado - Boulder
Payload 11UNC Chapel Hill
Payload 12Louisiana State University
Payload 13American River College

Flight Systems:

Balloon Manufacturer Winzen
Balloon Type Zero pressure, 1 cap
(W11.82-1E-37 CSBF #979)
Balloon Size  11.82 million cubic feet
Parachute Diameter 79 feet
HASP Weight 411 pounds
SIP Weight 589 pounds
Balloon Systems 458 pounds
Ballast 542 pounds
Altitude with Ballast 122,500 feet
Altitude without Ballast 126,000 feet
Ballast for Drive-Up 140 pounds
Ballast for Sunset 259 pounds