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The Pre-PDR document details the initial investigative steps for the design of the project. This document focuses on the payload mission goal, science background, objectives, and requirements and technical background, objectives, and requirements. Successful completion of this document will demonstrate the team’s understanding and knowledge of their scientific area of study and significantly improve the chances of a successful payload development effort by the student team later in the academic year.


Download Link (Word Document): Pre-PDR Document Template

The PDR includes all the results of the preliminary design phase of the project. The PDR should present a basic understanding of the goals and objectives of the project, the science background and requirements, a Preliminary System design, conceptual hardware and software designs, preliminary task list and work schedule including information on resources and long-lead items, and a preliminary risk assessment and management plan.


Download Link (Word Document): PDR Document Template

The Pre-CDR represents work toward the end of the critical design phase of the project. It is a continuation of the documentation provided in the PDR. As such, all comments provided in the PDR reviews must be addressed. This is a first step toward your final design document. 

Download Link (Word Document): Pre-CDR Document Template

The CDR represents the end of the critical design phase of the project. The CDR is a continuation of the documentation provided in the PDR. As such, all comments provided in the PDR reviews must be addressed. In addition, the CDR should present the final designs of the project through analysis, breadboarding, prototyping, and testing. The CDR should also include finalized task lists, schedule, testing and calibration procedures, budgets, pre- and post- flight operations, and updated risk assessment and management plans.

Download Link (Word Document): CDR Document Template

The FRR represents the end of the system testing phase of the project and the group should have a flight ready payload. The FRR is a continuation of the documentation provided in the PDR and CDR. As such, all comments provided in the CDR reviews must be addressed. The FRR should present a payload that has survived all system testing (teams will be invited to participate in a thermal vac test at LSU for a full day in April OR they can conduct their own tests, if facilities and equipment are available on their own campuses) and is ready to be connected to the flight string. This document must include documentation and results of all testing and calibrations, provide evidence that the payload is safe and will perform properly, describe procedures for checkout, integration with flight vehicle, and mission operations, and identify any outstanding issues that need to be addressed prior to flight. All sections of the template should now be completed.


Download Link (Word Document): FRR Document Template

NASA requires security clearance for all individuals requesting access to the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility in Palestine. This spreadsheet lists the required information necessary for an individual to be allowed onsite.  This information is time sensitive.   Please fill out the requested information for any and all individuals who may be traveling with your team.  If you are unsure if a person will be able to travel, include them on the list anyway.  Once the document is submitted, there will be no additions added to the list. Removing individuals from the list are easy to do, but additions are prohibited.   This document must be sent to before 5:00PM on the due date listedNote: Individuals born in US Designated Countries will not be approved for access to NASA facilities.  For more information on US Designated Countries, please go to this site --  The list of US Designated countries can also be found here --   


Download Link (Excel Document): LSU LaACES Security Clearance Template