LaSPACE Events

LaSPACE Deadlines:

    GSRA: 05/29/2019
    HIS: 05/29/2019
    Internship: CLOSED
    LaACES: 06/19/2019
    LURA: 05/29/2019
    Outreach: OPEN
    REA: 04/24/2019
    RockOn: CLOSED
    Senior Design: 06/19/2019

LaSPACE Programs:

LaSPACE Research Enhancement Awards Program

REA Image The LaSPACE Research Enhancement Awards (REA) program provides small 'seed' grants for scientific research at colleges and universities that are participating members of the consortium. Particularly, the REA program is aimed at the emerging researcher and/or the established researcher who wishes to initiate a new research direction for the development of projects, contacts and collaborations that will bring Louisiana scientists into the mainstream of NASA related research, thereby increasing the chance to fully and successfully compete in the aerospace R & D marketplace.

he REA program is intended to supplement, not duplicate existing federal and state opportunities, to support faculty and/or students at LaSPACE member institutions in order to help develop contacts and collaborations that will bring Louisiana scientists and engineers into the mainstream of Aerospace related research activity.

The primary goal of the REA program is to effectively utilize resources made available through LaSPACE as incentives for faculty and students to:

  • Develop new research projects and/or directions
  • Obtain special training and exposure
  • Foster collaborations among the campuses as well as with NASA centers, other federal labs and the aerospace industry.

The degree to which a proposal project fulfilled these goals and its likelihood to lead to future involvement in Aerospace endeavors are factors in the evaluation of the applications.

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