LaSPACE Events

LaSPACE Deadlines:

    GSRA: 05/29/2019
    HIS: 05/29/2019
    Internship: CLOSED
    LaACES: 06/19/2019
    LURA: 05/29/2019
    Outreach: OPEN
    REA: 04/24/2019
    RockOn: CLOSED
    Senior Design: 06/19/2019

LaSPACE Programs:

LaSPACE K-12 / Outreach Programs

NASA has divided Space Grant projects that are not research or fellowships/ scholarships or Higher Education into three categories:

  • 1. K - 12 Programs -- K-12 ( or precollege) programs and activities enhance and broaden knowledge of both student and teachers, and include teacher preparation and enhancement, curriculum development, and student opportunities. Such activities generally occur in a formal education setting. The LaSPACE focus is on teacher training/professional development.
  • 2. Informal Education Programs -- Public service activities, which did not fall under the category of K-12, included cooperative extension activity, public lectures, programs which offer films or NASA Select programming, exhibits, and demonstrations.
  • 3. External Relations Programs -- External Programs refer to those programs that involve the name, personnel, and facilities of the university or college that is running the program that serve institutions not covered by K-12 and the Informal Education sections. Target institutions include industry, federal (non-NASA), state and local government, professional societies, international organizations, and non-profit organizations such as philanthropies. It is expected that the programs will involve the provision of expert advice and/or training. It does not include consulting, which is considered a private arrangement not formally involving the name of the university or the Space Grant program.

Click the following links for more information:

  • Click here to view the Guidelines for "Outreach" Projects

To submit a proposal to LaSPACE to seek funding for any outreach project, please carefully review the criteria for applications in the Guidelines for "Outreach" Projects. Proposals are only accepted from members of the Louisiana Space Grant Consortium.

The MARS Truck is a growing outreach program here at LaSPACE, and we'd love to bring it to your next event. It's intended to educate people of all ages about physics and astronomy through fun and interesting ways. Please check out our website here for more information.