LaSPACE Events

LaSPACE Deadlines:

    GSRA: 05/29/2019
    HIS: 05/29/2019
    Internship: CLOSED
    LaACES: 06/19/2019
    LURA: 05/29/2019
    Outreach: OPEN
    REA: 04/24/2019
    RockOn: CLOSED
    Senior Design: 06/19/2019

LaSPACE Programs:

About the GSRA Program

The Graduate Student Research Assistance (GSRA) program is designed to augment the lower than average compensation levels available to promising graduate students on LaSPACE campuses and, thereby, 1) retain more U.S. students for graduate study at consortium institutions, 2) promote diversity, and 3) assist in dissertation research. The GSRA supplement is $8,000 for a 12 month period and can be used for augmenting the student stipend, to defray dissertation related research expenses, and promote student research presentations at national meetings. Cost share on the award is required as is a final technical report. Applications are judged on the basis of aerospace relevance of the research and overall relevance to LaSPACE research and human resource development objectives. We plan to issue three to five GSRA awards each year.

Program Summary

  • Graduate student applicants must be a U.S. Citizen, currently enrolled full-time in a graduate program at a LaSPACE Affiliate Institution, and be working on a research project with demonstrated relevance to NASA.
  • An applicant may not apply for a GSRA if he/she already holds a major Fellowship or similar award.
  • At least 50% of the requested funds must be used for direct student support.
  • A student applicant cannot hold two GSRA awards concurrently. Consecutive awards are allowable, IF the application explicitly addresses completion of tasks from the previous awards, details distinctly new objectives and tasks for the new award, includes a draft of the previous awards final report, and has NO overlapping period of performance dates for the two awards.
  • Tuition Costs, Foreign Travel, and the Purchase of Capital Equipment are not allowed.
  • Proposals must be sponsored by a Faculty Mentor/PI at the affiliated university, and signed by the University’s institutional representative for sponsored programs.
  • All invoices and a final technical report written by the Graduate student and signed off on by the Faculty PI must be submitted to the LaSPACE office within 30 days of the project end date. Photographs and copies of all papers, presentations, and posters generated should be shared with LaSPACE as they occur and collected/referenced in the final report. Final Report template is available from the LaSPACE office.

    Click here to see the latest GSRA Guidelines.