LaSPACE Events

LaSPACE Deadlines:

    GSRA: 05/29/2019
    HIS: 05/29/2019
    Internship: CLOSED
    LaACES: 06/19/2019
    LURA: 05/29/2019
    Outreach: OPEN
    REA: 04/24/2019
    RockOn: CLOSED
    Senior Design: 06/19/2019

LaSPACE Programs:


The Support for Advanced Flight Opportunities for Students (SAFOS) Program aims to encourage student participation in aerospace research by providing funds for the development of student satellite payloads and other space-engineering products. SAFOS was developed with several established advanced flight programs in mind. Advanced flight projects offer student scientists and engineers a real-world technical and project management experience, which contributes to a skilled technical workforce for the aerospace industry. Funds from SAFOS may be used to support student teams participating in programs like HASP, RockSat-C, and RockSat-X. Other advanced flight programs that emphasize a complete project lifecycle, from design to build through flight and post-flight analysis, are eligible.

Senior Design Projects will not be considered, as these programs are supported by pre-existing funding mechanisms from LaSPACE.

Proposal Submissions

  • This program will be open to proposals as long as funding is available. Submit all properly executed proposals via email as fully searchable pdf documents to .
  • Important Dates:
    • Proposal Release Date: Monday, September 10, 2018
    • Proposal Due Date: Open-ended as funding is available or 12/15/2018, whichever comes first.
    • Anticipated Award Announcements: Proposals will be reviewed within 30 days of submittal, whenever possible.
    • Award Period of Performance: 12 to 18 months, with a start date no earlier than 10/01/2018 and no later than 01/15/2019. Specify on proposal summary form.

Click here to see the latest SAFOS Guidelines.