LaSPACE Events

LaSPACE Deadlines:

    GSRA: 05/29/2019
    HIS: 05/29/2019
    Internship: CLOSED
    LaACES: 06/19/2019
    LURA: 05/29/2019
    Outreach: OPEN
    REA: 04/24/2019
    RockOn: CLOSED
    Senior Design: 06/19/2019

LaSPACE Programs:

Membership Requirements

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Membership in LaSPACE is open to all colleges and universities in the state and to any business or industry, museum, foundation or government agency that shares the consortium's goals and is willing to help foster aerospace activities in Louisiana.

Each institution appoints an institutional representative (campus coordinator) who acts as the single point-of-contact for the organization. The LaSPACE office sends information to the institutional representatives for distribution within their organization and the representatives provide feedback to the LaSPACE directors.

Together, the 27 institutional representatives constitute the LaSPACE Council, the governing body for the consortium. The Council held its first meeting in July, 1991, to approve projects and plans for the coming year. The Council established an Executive Committee, which is empowered to act for the Council between formal meetings. The Board of Regents representative is a member of the Executive Committee.

The daily activities of LaSPACE are managed by the directors, program coordinator and the assistant, with the Executive Committee providing guidance as needed. The standing committees cover some of the principal areas of current involvement for LaSPACE and are tasked both to oversee the on-going projects and to develop new directions for future LaSPACE initiatives.