Presenters and Topics

International School of Cosmic Ray Astrophysics <<Maurice M. Shapiro>>

21st Course: Astroparticle Physics: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
1-7 August, 2018

Presenters and Topics


Gonzalez, Gabriela (CV)
(1) Gravitational waves and detectors
(2) Detections of gravitational waves
Hörandel, Jörg
(1) Historical introduction - basic properties of cosmic rays
(2) Cosmic rays from the knee up to 10^17 eV
(3) Radio detection of cosmic rays
Halzen, Francis
(1) IceCube: Opening a New Window on the Universe from the South Pole
Marrocchesi, Pier Simone (CV)
(1) Cosmic-ray direct detection Part I
(2) Cosmic-ray direct detection Part II
Sarkar, Subir (CV)
(1) Dark matter: astrophysical evidence
(2) Beyond the cosmological standard model
(3) Cosmic ray acceleration in the laboratory
Schlickeiser, Reinhard (CV)
(1) The Theory of Cosmic Ray Acceleration and Transport. Lecture 1: Introduction, key observations, electromagnetic acceleration processes and their rigidity ordering
(2) The Theory of Cosmic Ray Acceleration and Transport. Lecture 2: Test uctuation approach, classical electromagnetic uctuation theory of linear waves, eigenmodes in unmagnetized and magnetized plasmas, MHD waves
(3) The Theory of Cosmic Ray Acceleration and Transport. Lecture 3: Test particle approach, from the Boltzmann to leaky-box transport equations, di usive shock acceleration, stochastic acceleration, generation of power law particle spectra
Smith, Aurthur
(1) 40 Years at ISCRA
Stanev, Todor (CV)
(1) Propagation of cosmic rays in the Galaxy and Intergalactic Space
(2) Air shower detection and the cosmic ray spectrum at high energy
Stegmann, Christian (CV)
(1) Very-high-energy gamma-ray astronomy
Watson, Alan (CV)
(1) What are Extensive Air Showers and why are they useful?
(2) Experimental data on the Highest-Energy Cosmic Rays and prospects for the future

Senior ParticipantsTitle/Abstract
Egberts, Kathrin (CV)
The High-Energy End of the Cosmic-Ray Electron Spectrum
Morselli, Aldo (CV)
New results from the Fermi Large Area Telescope and future perspectives in high-energy gammaray astronomy

Andrianavalomahefa, Arnaud
Dark Matter search with the FUNK experiment
Avila, Daniel
Observation of radio galaxies with HAWC
Bakalova, Alena
Effects of Galactic Magnetic Field on Arrival Directions of Cosmic Rays
Biehl , Daniel
Combined source-propagation models for describing the origin of both UHECRs and neutrinos
Bouchachi, Dallel
Propagation of ultra high energy cosmic rays with CRPropa
Chandra, Sunil
Highlights from AstroSat, Indian Space Based Multi-wavelength Observatory
Cheminant , Kevin Almeida
Gamma/Hadron classification in photon-initiated super-preshowers using multivariate analysis: application to simulations for future Cherenkov Telescope Array
Chernykh, Darla
Towards the Combined Analysis of Cosmic-ray Experiments in Tunka Valley
Doghmane, Rahima
Ultrahigh energy cosmic rays from very high energy gamma-ray sources
Fedorova, Elena
Detailed investigation of the X-ray properties of radio loud Sy1 AGN 3C120
Friedman, Elizabeth
Searching for Astrophysical Neutrinos Coincident with Gamma-Ray Bursts with IceCube
Gonzalez Hernandez, Emma
Unfolding Method for charge and momentum of atmospheric muons
Guedes Lang, Rodrigo
Lorentz Invariance Violation on Astrophysics
Hampel-Arias, Zigfried
Cosmic ray observations at the TeV scale with the HAWC Observatory
Hernandez Cadena, Sergio
High-energy gamma-ray emission induced by cosmic rays in Galaxy Clusters
Inada, Tomohiro
Optical System Construction for the Large-Sized Telescope prototype of CTA
Kazarina, Yuliya
TAIGA Experiment for cosmic rays and Gamma-ray Astronomy
Khandelwal, Rishabh
Design Considerations for the Askaryan Radio Array
Leszczynska, Agnieszka
Simulation study for the IceTop enhancement with a scintillation array
Liu, Qinrui
Stacking Search for Neutrinos from Pulsar Wind Nebula
Merten, Lukas
The transition between Galactic and extra-galactic cosmic rays
Morejon, Leonel
The impact of nuclear physics on the UHECR and neutrino production
Parra, Alejandra
Studies of Multiplicity and Response Functions to Low-energy Simulations for Cosmic Rays
Phan, Vo Hong Minh
Cosmic-ray ionization in diffuse molecular clouds
Pont, Bjarni
Xmax Reconstruction with Radio Detection at AERA
Rivera-Rangel , David
Tests of high energy hadronic interaction models using the data of the KASCADE-Grande Cosmic Ray Observatory
Ryan, Aaron
CALET Energy Spectrum of Cosmic-Ray Electrons from 10 GeV to 3 TeV
Schutte, Hester
Modeling the Spectral Energy Distribution and Polarisation of Blazars
Seglar Arroyo, Monica
AMON coincidence analysis of sub-threshold events from HAWC and LIGO-Virgo
Serna, Jose
Indirect Search of Dark Matter in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies with the HAWC Observatory
Surajbali, Pooja
Gamma/Hadron Separation using distribution of light in HAWC tanks
Sushchov, Oleksandr
Cosmic-ray extremely distributed observatory (CREDO) monitor: a tool for a global cosmic-ray data analysis
Tolksdorf, Tobias
Cosmic Ray Propagation in Super Bubbles
Tomita, Sara
Particle-In-Cell Simulation of Relativistic Shocks Propagating into the Inhomogeneous Media
Valverde, Janeth
Long-term studies of the TeV blazar 1ES 1215+303
Vizcarra Ventura, Cynthia
Study of angular deflections of nuclei coming from nearby starburst galaxies
Western, Emma
Gamma-ray Analysis with the CALET Calorimeter
Wojtowicz, Anna
Jet production efficiency in the sample of the youngest radio galaxies
Yue, Chuan
Cosmic-Ray Proton Analysis with DAMPE Experiment
Zehrer, Lukas
Developing a real time photon search for AMON with the Pierre Auger Observatory
Zorn, Justus
CHEC - a Cherenkov camera prototype for the small-size telescopes of CTA