HASP Technical Documentation

HASP Time and Position Data String Serial Latency Measurements (PDF Version): GPS time and position data is now available to student payload groups via serial communication. They can request to receive these data strings from the HASP flight system at some pre-defined period, specified prior to integration. The string contains a timestamp and GPS coordinate information. The GPS coordinate information could alleviate the need for groups to purchase and deploy their own GPS system which could reduce the costs of student payloads both in materials and development time. The timestamp generated by HASP is accurate to within 1 millisecond and might be used by the payload as an accurate clock. However, there is a latency introduced by the serial communication.  The current version of this document is dated 02/16/2009.

HASP Student Payload Interface Manual (PDF Version): This document describes the basic features of the HASP payload mounting plate and provides information on the mechanical, electrical, power and data interfaces.  Further, the document provides some suggestions for how to use the discrete command channels, downlink telemetry and uplinked serial commands.  The current version of this document is dated 02/17/2009.

HASP Payload Specification and Integration Plan Template (MS Word Version): Student teams fill out this template to provide technical details on the final flight configuration of the payload including measured weights, measured current draw (@30 VDC), downlink data format and rate, uplink commands, analog output usage, discrete command usage, and dimensioned mechanical drawings.  In addition, the student teams plans for integration with with HASP should be detailed including, at least, all test procedures and test procedure validation results, requested test equipment, schedule and personnel participating in integration.  The current version of this template is dated 09/11/2007.

HASP Payload Integration Certification Template (PDF Version): At integration all interfaces will be documented and validated, correct operation of the payload will be verified and any issues identified will be detailed.  This certification document will be handled by HASP management during integration.  Note that you will not be able to fly until this certification is complete.  The current version of this template is dated 02/11/08.

HASP Flight Operation Plan Template (MS Word Version): Student teams fill out this template to detail procedures for flightline setup, pre-launch checkout, flight operations, error recovery, safeing and payload recovery including a timeline showing specific events relative to the launch at T=0 and identifying personnel participating in flight operations.  Note that any operations requested to be performed by HASP flight personnel other than the power-up ~one hour prior to launch (T - 1 hr) and power down prior to terminate must be specified in this document.  The current version of this template is 09/11/2007.

HASP On-Site Security Clearance Documentation (MS Excel Version): This document provides required information to CSBF and Wallops Flight Facility that is necessary for an individual to be allowed onsite at both the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility in Palestine, TX and the HASP launch site in Ft Sumner, NM. This information is time sensitive and must be provided up to 3 months in advance of the onsite visit.  The current version of this template is 02/25/2019.