Presentations Schedule

LaACES Spring 2018 Lecture and Course Schedule

Weekly Meeting is every Thursday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in Nicholson 326

Week Reading Required Before Weekly Meeting Activities Introduced at Weekly Meeting
1 I1. Overview of the LA ACES Program and Introduction to the Student Ballooning Course
E1. Introduction to Electronics
Lab Notebooks Presentation
E1. Electrical Measurements and Instruments
2 E2. Electronic Components

E3. Prototyping Techniques and Soldering

E3a. Soldering Tutorial

E2. Identifying Electronic Components – SkeeterSat Inventory

3  E4. Assembly Techniques

SkeeterSat Manual

SkeeterSat Schematic

How to read circuit diagrams – Part I

How to read circuit diagrams – Part II

How to read a schematic diagram

E2. Building SkeeterSat

E3b. Reconciling a Schematic with a Layout Diagram

E4. Constructing SkeeterSat

4 Effective Presentations E4. Constructing SkeeterSat cont.

E4b. Calibrating SkeeterSat Report

5 P1. The BalloonSat Development Board

BalloonSat Assembly Manual

P3. The BASIC Stamp Editor

SkeeterSat Report Presentations
6 P2. Introduction to Programming

P7. System Testing and Debugging

P1a Building the Balloon Sat Controller (Stage 1)

P1b Building the Balloon Sat Controller (Stage 1 cont.)

P2. Building the BalloonSat Controller (Stage 2)

P2. Building the BalloonSat Controller (Stage 2 cont.)

7 P4. Digital I/O: Connecting the Outside World

E5. Data Acquisition

P3. Simple digital I/O with the BalloonSat Controller

P4. P4 – Interfacing an External EEPROM

8  E6. Analog to Digital Converters

P5. Serial I/O – Communications

E7. A/D Conversion

P5. Communicating to External Memory

9 P6. Expanding the BASIC Stamp: Useful peripherals

E7. Power Sources

P6. Interfacing to a Real-Time Clock

P5. P5 – Interfacing an ADC

P5a. P5A – Additional ADC Exercises

E9. Power Source Testing

10 E7c. Putting it all together – Interfacing to a sensor
Electronics Activity 7c Schematics
Electronics Activity 7c Computations
Electronics Activity 7c Circuit Model
11 Spring Break Catch up on all activities
12 Assembly, Testing and Calibration of the LaACES Sensor Interface

M1. Management, Life Cycle, Documentation

M2. System Design

M10. Requirements Module: The Basics

M11. Requirements Module:Writing Requirements

M2a. Producing a System Design Drawing

Science background on TPH in atmosphere

Construct TPH board

Integrate with BalloonSat

Flight software version 1

13 M5. Risk and Risk Management

The Pre-PDR Document
The PDR Document
The Pre-CDR Document
The CDR Document
The FRR Document

Complete software

Perform calibrations

Develop payload box

Flight software version 2

Ground software version 1

14 M3. Defining the Project Tasks, Costs & Schedule

M4. The Project Schedule

M4a. Producing a timeline with MS Project

Complete payload

Draft FRR presentation

15 Thermal/Vacuum BEMCO chamber testing of payload

FRR presentation