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LaSPACE Graduate Student Research Assistance Program

The Louisiana Space Consortium's Graduate Student Research Assistance (GSRA) Program provides small supplements for research / study for graduate students who are U. S. citizens, and who undertake a curriculum of space or aerospace related fields of study in math, science, or engineering at a college/university that is a Designated Member of the Louisiana Space Consortium. A new initiative under the LaSPACE Fellowship/Scholarship Component, introduced in the Fall of 2005, the GSRA Program helps address the challenge of strengthening the educational base among member institutions, in concert with state and NASA needs.

GSRA is a program whose Objectives are (i) to help attract/retain more U. S. students for graduate study on consortium campuses, (ii) to promote diversity and (iii) to assist with thesis/dissertation research. The award can be used to augment student stipends, to defray expenses for research costs, to promote attendance at national meetings to present research results and network, or for other research related purposes. GSRA awards are $5,000 per year and are administered by the receiving institution, with the student's research advisor as the Principal Investigator. The GSRA program requires at least a 1:1 match in non-federal and non-LaSPACE funds. GSRA awards are renewable. Applicants from groups under-represented in the Math, Science and Engineering STEM disciplines are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants from four-year schools, smaller regional schools, and HBCU's are also especially encouraged. A Final Technical Report, jointly submitted by the applicant's Research Advisor and by the graduate student, will serve as the contract deliverable. Detailed guidelines for the preparation of GSRA proposals are being modified.

Click here to see the latest GSRA Guidelines.