Flight Operations Plan

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Flight Operations Plan

Post by GregGuzik » Sun Jul 19, 2009 11:42 pm

One of the requirements for successfully completing HASP integration is that your teams needs to submit a complete Flight Operations Plan. A template for this plan is available on the HASP website under the Technical Documents page (http://laspace.lsu.edu/hasp/Documentation.html). You need to fully fill out this template, convert it to PDF and e-mail it to Dr. Guzik at guzik@phunds.phys.lsu.edu prior to your integration next week. Please note the Flight Operations Release in the front of the template and Appendix A which provides a relative timeline of major events leading up to launch and during the flight. Target dates for 2009 are as follows:

Flight Operations Start September 1, 2009
HASP MRR September 4, 2009
Target Launch Date September 7, 2009
Earliest Post-Flight access to payloads September 10, 2009
HASP return to LSU September 28, 2009

As noted in the Flight Operations Release and in Appendix A, these dates are approximate and are subject to delay by days or even weeks. If you are planning to attend flight operations in Ft. Sumner we highly recommend that you purchase fully refundable airline tickets.

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