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HASP 2016: FRR/Compatibility Test at 9am on 8/29/2016

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:47 pm
by dgranger
The Hang Test is scheduled for 9AM Mountain Time on 8/29/2016. HASP will roll out and test all systems including individual payloads. Payloads will be powered once we roll out. All groups please check your data from the HASP website and use the HASP Flight Control spreadsheet to communicate your payload status and request any payload commands with the HASP Flight team. We need to verify that all payloads are working properly. Commands can and should be sent to test all aspects of the system.  All payload configurations should be completed by that time.

Weather brief and FRR will occur after the hang test has successfully concluded. Updates will be posted after that meeting.

There is a possible Launch opportunity on Tuesday morning 8/30/2016.