HASP 2009 Integration

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HASP 2009 Integration

Post by GregGuzik » Sun May 24, 2009 6:16 pm

The HASP 2009 integration will take place at the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility (http://www.csbf.nasa.gov/) in Palestine, Texas (http://www.cityofpalestinetx.com/) from August 2 through August 8, 2009. Student payload integration will take place on Monday (8/3) and Tuesday (8/4) beginning at 8:30 am. We will only be able to integrate 5 to 6 payloads each day and the integration order is first come - first served. All day Wednesday (8/5) will be devoted to the first thermal / vacuum (T/V) chamber test. During this test all payloads integrated with HASP will be subject to the temperature and pressure extremes encountered during flight. Payload team members must be present during the T/V test to certify the correct operation of the payload. Thursday (8/6) will be used to resolve any payload issues revealed during the T/V test and to integrate any payloads that missed the Monday/Tuesday integration period. Friday (8/7) will be the second T/V test and will be the final chance for payloads to certify their flight readiness. (Note that the downside of trying to integrate on Thursday means that such payloads will have only one chance to satisfy the T/V environment test and payloads that are not so certified may not be allowed to fly.) Finally, on Saturday (8/8) HASP will be prepared for shipment to the Ft. Sumner launch facility. All payloads will remain integrated with HASP during this shipment unless special requirements are fully described in the Payload Specification and Integration Plan document (due June 1) and agreed to by HASP management.

This schedule is subject only to major disruptive events such as hurricanes (e.g. Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike) or to changes required by the CSBF (at all times support for HASP is secondary to the needs of the scientific balloon payloads). It is, therefore, very likely (but not certain) that the HASP integration schedule will take place as described above. We would recommend traveling to Palestine, Texas on Sunday 8/2 and leaving on Saturday 8/8.

We further recommend staying at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel Palestine which can be located either through a Google search or via http://www.hiexpress.com/. We recently stayed at this hotel and the rooms are modern and clean, there is very good free wireless internet, a good pool and a reasonable breakfast service. During July I will reserve a block of rooms at this hotel, so you can make your reservations then.

CSBF requires that all people entering the base get issued a badge and this requires that I send them an advanced copy of the complete list of HASP integration participants. I also need this list in order to accurately determine the number of rooms to block at the Holiday Inn Express. Your Payload Specification and Integration Plan includes a section for listing the names and contact information for all who will be participating in the integration of your payload. Please make sure that this list is complete and accurate.

I will post a separate, similar note about flight operations in Ft. Sumner, New Mexico at a later date.

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