HASP 2014 - No Show Friday 8/8

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HASP 2014 - No Show Friday 8/8

Post by GregGuzik » Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:57 am

Today CSBF attempted to launch the WASP / HYSICS payload. This payload is about 5,000 lbs total suspended weight and uses a ~30 million cubic feet volume balloon, requiring winds to be in a constant direction and less than about 15 knots up to ~1,000 feet above ground level. Unfortunately, the winds at 1,000 feet never dropped below 18 knots and the launch had to be scrubbed. The next possible launch opportunity is tomorrow (Friday 8/8) but the low level wind conditions are not likely to improve. Nevertheless, WASP / HYSICS is scheduled to show again and HASP, which at 1,700 lbs total suspended and using a ~11 million cubic feet balloon requires less stringent launch conditions, will be put off until next week.

The next weather briefing is scheduled for Friday 8/8 at 2:00 pm Mountain time. At that time we will examine Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as possible launch opportunities.

Greg Guzik

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