ACES-13 Flight Info

LAUNCH TIME:1300Z Tuesday May 19 (Weather contingency May 20)
LAUNCH LOCATION: Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility, Palestine, Texas (31.78317 deg N, 95.72333 deg W)

ACES-13 Frequencies:

Live online tracking of ACES-13

W5YW-11 W5YW-11 Tracker (Single Window) W5YW-11 (Dual Window) W5YW-11 (3D) W5YW-11 Range/Bearing to nearest VOR
KD5ZUP-11 KD5ZUP-11 Tracker (Single Window) KD5ZUP-11 (Dual Window) KD5ZUP-11 (3D) KD5ZUP-11 Range/Bearing to nearest VOR
Example GPS Position Data - $GPGGA sentence.


Telemetry Infomation:

example telemetry format: W5YW-11>APRS,WIDE1*,WIDE2-2,qAR,KB5LS-1:T#nnn,aa.aa,pppp,ccc,ddd,tttt

nnn=telemetry record number
aa.aa=main battery volts
pppp=Pressure (mb)
ccc=inside temperature in kelvins
ddd=outside temperature in kelvins
tttt=timing reference

Example GPS Position Data - MIC-E encoding

KD5ZUP-11>3P2S5X,KD5QZD-2*,WIDE1,WIDE2-2,qAR,K5LSU-5:`w^$l O/>"4$}

No Secondary Beacon Telemetry Included.

ACES-13 Flight Profile

Flight Systems:

Balloon Manufacturer Kaymount
Balloon Type latex
Balloon Size 3000 gram
Nozzle Lift ~17.6 pounds (estimate)
Free Lift % ~5.6 pounds (estimate)z
Ascent Rate 1000 fpm (target)
Descent Rate 1200 fpm (estimate)
Peak Altitude 105,000 ft. (target)
Launch Conditions

Payload Configuration:

Parachute: Skyangle 60" - 372 grams
Cutdown Apparatus: Nichrome heating element to melt nylon cord attaching top of parachute to balloon.  Controlled by ground command through location beacon transceiver.  Contains own batteries and battery heater. Also includes audio beeper.  205g
Primary Beacon: Kenwood TH-D7 transceiver transmitting at 144.390 MHz at about 4 W, Sending ARPS packet data on a 50 second interval, Call sign W5YW-11, Trimble Lassen iQ GPS with active patch antenna - 642 grams
Antenna: Coaxial Half Wave Dipole - 80 grams
Experiment A: Radio Shack HTX-400 and Simplex Repeater Module. 445.950 MHz with 100.0 Hz CTSS access. Transmitter power 1 W to flexiable J-Pole antenna. QSL via K5LSU-11.
Onboard video camcorder looking down.
Experiment B: TBD
Experiment C: TBD
Experiment D: TBD
Secondary Beacon: Kenwood TH-D7 transceiver transmitting at 144.390 MHz at about 4 W, Sending ARPS packet data on a 70 second interval, Call sign KD5ZUP-11, Garmin GPS-25LVS, Passive conformal patch antenna for GPS - 777 grams
Antenna: Half wave flexible J-Pole - 80 grams
Additional Payloads: Canon A570IS 7.1 Megapixel Digital Camera running automated script recording images on a set timeframe.
MORSE BEACON: CW beacon (A-1 mode) on 445.925 MHz 15 mW QSL via K5LSU, Report Beacon text copied.
Structure: Flight train string, spreader bar, payload clips - 100 grams
Antenna: Half-wave flexible J-Pole antenna.  80 grams
  Total weight of payload string is < 12 pounds