LaACES 2012-2013 Lecture and Activity Schedule

Week Session Date Lecture Title Activities
1 1 08/23/12 I1. Overview of the LA ACES Program and Introduction to the Student Ballooning Course

Introductions of students and faculty.

Watch ACES-30 documentary video. View other ACES flight videos, photos, launch, etc.

2 2 09/04/12 E1. Introduction to Electronics

E2. Electronic Components

E1. Electrical Measurements and Instruments
2 3 09/06/12 E3. Prototyping Techniques and Soldering

E4. Assembly Techniques

E2. Identifying Electronic Components - SkeeterSat Inventory
3 4 09/11/12   E3a. Soldering Tutorial

E3b. Reconciling a Schematic with a Layout Diagram

E4. Constructing SkeeterSat
SkeeterSat Manual
SkeeterSat Schematic

3 5 09/13/12   E4b. Calibrating SkeeterSat, SkeeterSat reports
4 6 09/18/12 P1. The BalloonSat Development Board

P2. Introduction to Programming

P1. Building the BalloonSat Controller (Stage 1)
4 7 09/20/12 P3. The BASIC Stamp Editor

Report Writing
P1. Building the Balloon Sat Controller (Stage 1 cont.)

P2. Building the BalloonSat Controller (Stage 2)

5 8 09/25/12   P2. Building the BalloonSat Controller (Stage 2 cont.)
ACES Code Example
5 9 09/27/12 P4. Digital I/O: Connecting the Outside World

SkeeterSat Report Review: Examples of What Not to Do
P3. Simple digital I/O with the BalloonSat Controller
6 10 10/02/12   P3. Simple digital I/O with the BalloonSat Controller (cont.)
7 11 10/04/12 E6. Data Acquisition

E7. Analog to Digital Converters

E6. Using BoxCar and HOBO

E7. A/D Conversion

7 12 10/09/12 P5. Serial I/O - Communications P4. Interfacing Serial Peripherals to the BASIC Stamp

P5. Communicating to External Memory

8 13 10/11/12   P4. Interfacing Serial Peripherals to the BASIC Stamp (cont.)
8 14 10/16/12 P6. Expanding the BASIC Stamp: Useful peripherals P5. Communicating to External Memory (cont.)

P6. Interfacing to a Real-Time Clock

9 15 10/18/12   E7c. Putting it all together - Interfacing to a sensor
Electronics Activity 7c Schematics
Electronics Activity 7c Computations
Electronics Activity 7c Circuit Model
9 16 10/23/12   Interfacing to a sensor (cont.)

Writing a report on sensor interfacing

10 17 10/25/12 D1. The LA ACES Balloon Vehicle and Flight Profile D1. What is a BalloonSat?
BalloonSat Manual
BalloonSat Schematics

Researching your payload

10 18 10/30/12  
Getting Started Draft and Intro
11 19 11/01/12 P7. System Testing and Debugging

E5. CAD Tools for Circuit Design

P7. Measuring Temperature and Testing BASIC Stamp Software

E5. CAD Tools for Circuit Design

11 20 11/06/12 D2. Payload Construction Considerations & Techniques D2. Constructing a Foam-core Board Structure
12 21 11/08/12  
12 22 11/13/12

Producing charts, tables & flow diagrams

Inserting figures & tables into Word documents

13 23 11/15/12
Working in Groups
13 24 11/20/12 Presentations

D3. Identifying Thermal Requirements

D4. Thermal Calculations & Measurements

13 25 11/27/12 D4. Thermal Calculations & Measurements (cont.)

14 26 TBD M10. Requirements Module: The Basics
M11. Requirements Module:Writing Requirements
M8. Pre-PDR Reports & Presentations
1 1 01/15/13 M1. Management, Life Cycle, Documentation Requirements Presentations

M1. Developing a team contract
1 2 01/17/13 M2. System Design

M3. Defining the Project Tasks, Costs & Schedule
M4. The Project Schedule

M5. Risk and Risk Management

M2a. Producing a System Design Drawing

M4a. Producing a timeline with MS Project
1 1 01/22/13 D5. Mechanical Design Guidelines
The Pre-PDR Document
The PDR Document
The Pre-CDR Document
The CDR Document
The FRR Document
D6. Testing Materials in Extreme Environments

D7. Payload Shock Testing
2 3 01/24/13 E8. Power Sources E8. Power Source Testing
2 4 01/29/13 Formatting Formatting Exercise