International School of Cosmic Ray Astrophysics
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"Exploring the High Energy Universe"

4-11 July 2014
Ettore Majorana Centre
Erice, Sicily, Italy

Overview: Many of the astrophysical “messengers” have their origin in high energy processes in our universe. Whether it is charged cosmic rays, gamma rays or neutrinos, high energy – often explosive – processes play a crucial role. Moreover, detailed information about such processes requires measurements to ever increasing particle energy, a regime in which the intensity is small. This necessitates extremely large experiments and observations over many years, or even decades. The construction of many of these new generation instruments have been completed in recent years and they are starting to provide new results. The 19th Course of the ISCRA will focus on the astrophysics made available through present and planned experiments – from underground, to ground, to space based investigations. For young experimentalists and theoreticians it is, often, difficult to build an overview and perspective of the new high-energy astrophysics and how this has affected our understanding of the cosmos. The course is designed to provide such an overview from both lectures and from discussions with experts in the field who have been chosen not only for their scientific work but also for their communication skills. Participants will have the opportunity to meet informally the scientists at the forefront of these exciting advances, to ask about what excites and motivates them and where they believe the field is going. The lunch, dinner, and Marsala room discussions provide a unique view of the field, and many anecdotes that never enter scientific papers. Many current leaders in Cosmic Ray Astro-physics, including five Nobel Laureates, attended previous Schools as young scientists.

  • Co-Directors of the Course:
  • John P. Wefel, Todor Stanev and
    Jörg R. Hörandel
  • Executive Secretary: Arthur Smith